Retail / Luxury & Services

The PII RH firm specializes in the recruitment of expert executives and managers working in the Retail business and more specifically in the realm of Luxury, Fashion and the cosmetics industry.

PII RH also specializes in the Services sector which seems to be coming acrossmajor growth in France. Therefore, we support companies with various profiles: personal services, consulting company, cleaning company...

New challenges for the sector

The Luxury sector, which is filled with various sector and professions, experienced booming performance in terms of activity. But, like retail, it must confront new challenges and intense changes which are usually related to the digital revolution, to new consumption patterns driven by generations Y and Z, that seem to be shaking up traditions, not to mention the spectacular pressure from the Chinese market. These changes are synonymous with challenges as they are opportunities for brands and companies in these sectors.

Recruitment of professionals

Equipped with skills in Human Resources management acquired in business, our firm benefits from a strong expertise in terms of assessing, which are techniques specific to employment and human behavior at work.

Thus, we support large groups, SMEs in these sectors, through different types of functions such as:

  • Sales management, business development.
  • Marketing/digital director.
  • Store manager.
  • Customer service manager.
  • Operation Director.
  • Purchasing Director.
  • Head of merchandising, procurement.
  • Digital, e-commerce, IT manager.
  • Logistics Director, Supply Chain.

Fonctions & Sectors