PII RH Individual coaching

Coaching according to ICF isn’t like therapy and doesn’t focus on the problems of the past. On the contrary, it directs the coachees towards the future and towards action.

Whether it’s an individual or group, PII RH offers coaching that is in keeping with everyone’s requirements.

With individual coaching, the coachee finds the keys to his professional development while working on his personal development.

With team coaching, coachees strengthen their ability to work together and collaborate. Our expertise in the realm of business, favors rapid solution-oriented diagnosis and coaching.

Individual coaching: developing everyone's potential

« It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so. » Mark Twain.

Our coaching is part of a logic which is based on learning and voluntary transformation of the manager or leader. Coaching is the tool for developing skills, leaning on sustainable and global development.

Give the key towards personal change

Each of our individual coaching allows you to:

  • Enhance their relational, managerial, and organizational skills.
  • Develop new mental attitudes and positions, as we boost and assess through our various methods, personal reflection on how to carry out and personify one's role.
  • Gain height which allows the coachee to develop new behaviors.
  • Come up new ways of accessing performance.

Being individually coached means getting the opportunity to follow a process of facilitation and support, to better perceive patterns of behavior and relationships with others and with oneself. This is what makes us stand out from counseling, training, and therapy.

A genuine performance lever, individual coaching allows you to find the solution to a professional operational or managerial problem, while promoting personal achievement and the development of your life balance.

« Change mostly means to think differently so that you can act differently. » Mark Twain

Our areas of intervention

PII RH offers its individual coaching offer around 10 areas of intervention:

  • Leadership.
  • Managing office, including managerial.
  • Repositioning within the management team.
  • A major increase in terms charisma and leadership by working on the influence.
  • Banking on professional and corporate strategic choices.
  • Management of the relationship with the superiors and the collaborators.
  • Cooperation and team management.
  • Management of the organization and its personal organization.
  • The professional project.
  • Change management.

Intervention highlights

Our intervention is outlined by two tripartite meetings:

  • A kick-off meeting to define the context in which we will evolve during the support and remind the professional context, through which the coaching takes place. Depending on the situation, it brings together or not the principal (manager or representative of the human resources department).
  • A tripartite review meeting between the coach, the coachee and the client to assess the quality of the service and the results can end the individual coaching.

Our offer: 10 sessions of 2 hours

We offer, depending on the situation and the issues which need to be addressed, 10 sessions of 2 hours each (i.e. 20 hours of one-to-one support).
They are spread over about 5 to 8 months. Individual progress goals shall be set. Effective coaching will help the coachee to get to know them better, develop their potential, to communicate properly, develop their impact and leadership.

Fonctions & Sectors

Fonctions & Sectors