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Skills, training, recruitment...there are several challenges when it comes to the future industries.

Whether in agri-food, transport or energy, companies want to produce better and become more competitive by leaning on their talents.

While technical skills are in demand for managers, interpersonal skills to boost change can make all the difference.

Transportation companies: connect customer needs with production in the best possible manner.

The automation of the production system shall make it possible to maintain competitiveness by improving costs, quality, and lead times, and meet the customer requirements.

The unification of information technologies within the company, not to mention the transformation of the organization around information management, shall lead to a decompartmentalization of information source of improved performance. Recruiting managers who are capable of taking an additional interest in the human dimension will be a major asset in transforming this sector.

Companies in the agro-food sector: the influence of eating behaviors

Among the major trends which are already initiated in the food industry, the emergence of organic, sustainable development, the alternative proteins, development of the digital realm but also the passion for proximity. There are many issues that shall require recruiting experienced executives but also sales executives.

The energy sector guided by the energy transition law.

Nuclear or hydraulic power stations, wind or solar farms, electricity or gas networks, oil platforms, etc., all these professionals have a common goal: to constantly improve the safety of installations and meet environmental challenges.

  • How to increase your energy performance while preserving the environment?
  • How to lead your digital transformation and the use of data for operational excellence?

PII RH supports industrial players.

PIIRH Executive Search's mission is to support SMIs, Mid-Size Companies and Groups in direct or related sectors, by recruiting experts and Managers. Experienced professionals who can manage complexity, are endowed with judgment and decision-making skills, able to convey a business vision and work as a team, to consolidate the strengths of companies.

We are looking for supply chain and logistic professionals.

The professions for which we are recruiting:

  • Deputy CEO for the French subsidiary of a chemical group.
  • Industrial Digitization Manager in a transport company.
  • Director of the Design Office of a works company.
  • Sales Director in an agri-food company.
  • Purchasing Director.
  • Supply Chain and logistics Director.

  • Automation Project Manager.
  • Project Engineer.
  • Supply chain logistics project manager.
  • SI Projects Manager.

  • Operations Director.
  • Production Director.

  • QHSE Director.
  • LEAN Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement Manager.
  • Sustainable Development Manager.

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