Our values and keys to success

Values and success
at PII RH Executive search

Recruiting a candidate is synonymous with knowing how to anticipate their future within a company

To do so, PII RH Executive search strives to properly assess the background of candidates and create the right synergy with the company.
Our keys to success are based on the training and know-how of our Consultants who specialize in direct approach recruitment.

Comprendre les candidats

Understand the candidates to find the right synergy with the company's offer

As a Human Resources firm, who specializes in direct approach recruitment, our main roles are:

  • To properly guide the candidates in terms of the partner’s requirements through tests which are implemented by our consultants, who graduated in Human Resources Management and Coaching.
  • These assessments allow us and the candidate, to properly understand their professional project.
  • To "create" the right synergy through the common values and requirements between Candidates and Customers: Creation of shared value.

Anticiper l’évolution

Anticipate the candidate's development over time and better prepare for the future of the company

We consider that each of our recruitment missions is an opportunity to anticipate the candidate's evolution over time, even beyond responding to specific needs.
Integrating a new profile is first and foremost contributing to the company, to better prepare for its future.

Recruter et coacher

Recruit and coach: our commitments

Guided by our three key principles - Performance, Innovation and Integrity -, we commit to:

  • An obligation of results, which can be measured and defined in time.
  • Rigorous and evolving processes guaranteeing the objectivity of our recommendations.
  • We are transparent in terms of our actions and decisions related to our identity.
  • Regular reports on your work’s progress.

PII RH Executive Search most of all aims to achieve results, through quantified commitments and associated guarantees

Integrating the candidate focuses on organizational socialization and a comprehensive understanding of their ecosystem.
To meet this requirement more effectively, we have established customized coaching programs led by our consultants, who hold degrees in Human Resources Management and Coaching.
A genuine performance lever, coaching allows the coachee to gain height and enrich their expertise.

Nos clés de succès

Our keys to success

  • An organizational and operational knowledge of the various markets, on which we operate, which allows us to be one step ahead of the development in terms of professions, not to mention, the necessary skills.
  • Development of trusting relations built on performance with key actors in the health sectors, industry…
  • Tailor-made services adapted to the expectations of our partners, clients and candidates.
  • Rigorous and evolutionary processes based on performance which are appreciated by our clients, our candidates and our coachees.
  • Creation of value for the company and the candidate by identifying, assessing and recruiting profiles who share the principles and requirements of our clients.