PII RH : Who are we ?

PII RH is a Human Resources firm, based in Paris.

Nous intervenons sur les secteurs de la santé, de l’industrie et du service

We operate across the health, industrial, and service sectors, utilizing our expertise in three distinct areas.

  • Recruitment of expert executives and managers.
  • Assessment of the potential of candidates, not to mention motivation, in the context of promotion or professional orientation.
  • Coaching of expert executives and managers.

Notre vision du recrutement

Our vision on recruitment

Successful recruitment is synonymous with knowing how to assess the potential, behavioral skills and motivation of the candidate.
Therefore, we give great importance to:

  • Understanding the Organizational Context.
  • Aligning the Relevance Between the Individual and the Organization.
  • Developing the Vision and Constructing the Candidate's Professional Career.
  • Assessing Technical Skills, Personal Qualities, and a Range of Experiences.

Notre mission d’accompagnement et d’évaluation

Our support and assessment mission

  • Support organizations through the detection and development of Human Resources, expert executives and managers, and adapt to the requirements of future professions.
  • Support candidates on the knowledge of the company, the understanding and description of the suggesed position, the issues and constraints in order to facilitate the candidate's decision and as a consequence, its organizational socialization.