Assessment: PII RH assessment method

Assessment, or behavioral skills assessment, is one of the most reliable assessment methods, because it allows both parties - employer and employee/candidate - to ensure they are making the right choice.

PII RH focuses on the cognitive, technical, behavioral and personality skills, of the candidate, to secure the decision and guarantee that the assessment is reliable.

The assessment method

PII RH has developed the most appropriate methodology for implementing this approach, using high-performance assessment tools, combined with skills in HR management and social psychology.

PII RH works with the company to develop practical scenarios adapted to the specific requirements of the position, which will provide a precise overview of the aptitudes, personality, values, and motivation of the candidates:

  • Role-playing exercises revealing the candidate's level of confidence and ability to make decisions,
  • The presentation exercise highlights the candidate's thinking and ability to present his or her ideas to others. This also enables us to better identify the behavior of candidates subject to short decision-making deadlines.

How does the assessment work?

This is about putting candidates in a concrete situation to assess their potential but also their social skills, through very short deadlines and by analyzing their behavior under pressure.

What are the advantages of the assessment?

This allows to:

  • Pinpoint and determine the potential of candidates for the position and the company.
  • Carry out a diagnosis on behavioral skills.
  • Easily develop a prognosis of success in regard to the suggested functions or the career path expected in the long run.
  • Precisely determine the training requirements.
  • Detect any areas which don’t seem to work.
  • Objectify appointment decisions.

Our recruitment method by assessment

Analyze the context of the company

We establish an in-depth environmental analysis with the client:

  • Activity area.
  • Business.
  • Strategy.
  • Structure.
  • Systems.
  • Management styles.
  • Know how.
  • Values.
  • Inventory in terms of autonomy, accountability, initiatives.
  • Sources of motivation and demotivation.
  • Qualities of interpersonal relationships…

Determine the position and profile of the candidate

Depending on the context, we find the typical profile of the candidate with the client, in keeping with the targeted position.

Assess the candidates

During the individual interview with the candidate, we analyze the technical, behavioral and personality skills, through suitable tools such as:

  • Personality and attitude tests.
  • Cognitive skills.
  • Managing emotions.
  • Interests and motivations.
  • Assessment of commercial potential.
  • Assessment of managerial potential.
  • Assessment of entrepreneurial potential.
  • Case studies adapted to the context and particularity of the position as well as to the company.

We are certified for using these tools.

Recommend the candidate

We present the candidate through personalized recommendations. These are supported by a summary report.

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