PII RH, Finance, Legal, HR

The Finance, Legal and HR sector have come across great momentum in terms of recruitment. Whether this concerns job creation, replacement needs or recruitments on assignment to support a project, the departments continue recruiting in a massively, when it comes to certain very specific profiles to achieve their objectives.

We support you to:

Identify the key skills which suit your position and are developed by candidates while they have the same job title.

Support you in orienting your profile confronted with the changes in the sector and new ways of working.

set up attractive compensation policies for compensation and benefits experts.

enable and acquire the skills required in Labor Relations, in regard to the strategy and challenges of your organization.

Expert on the HR, Legal and Finance sector

Our firm PII RH has more than twenty years of expertise in the HR, legal and finance sector.

Our entity invests in the recruitment and retention of specific profiles who put to use their skills in a Legal, Finance and HR environment.

Our expertise leans on recruiting profiles who are able to understand the reality of the sector, to consolidate the strengths of companies.

We recruit qualified professionals destined for the Legal and Tax departments for several categories of clients: large groups, SMEs/SMIs, Industry and the health environment, etc...

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