Healthcare and medical-social

Confronted with the changes in recent years, the medico-social sector seems to be reinventing itself and many organizational transformation initiatives seem to be emerging, especially in regard to work organization.

In a context where questions are raised about the attractiveness, working conditions and development of careers in areas like personal assistance and care services, it is essential to promote organizations which are more open

In this regard, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, like many industries today, is currently undergoing drastic change, as it has been shaken up due to new digital formats. We are now becoming part of a Pharma 3.0 era. An industry which is committed to a dynamic employment policy with nearly 10,000 recruitments per year on average for 10 years (Leem).

A dedicated health department

PII RH has over 20 years of expertise in the healthcare sector. Our health entity invests in the recruitment and retention of specific profiles and is able to use their skills in a constantly evolving regulatory, scientific, and globalized environment.

Our consultants aim to understand the changes in business models. They position themselves as a force of proposal on the profiles of managers with high added value, capable of supporting change.

Our goal: enable healthcare players to always adapt to their dynamic and constantly transform the environment.

PII RH supports stakeholders by recruiting head office teams and establishment management.

On the Health and Medico-Social sector, we carry out permanent research missions for specialized executives, managers of establishments and associations or lucrative private health groups or investors:

  • MCO, SSR, Psychiatric clinics.
  • HAD.
  • EHPAD.
  • SSIAD.

We work for associative actors who support disabled, elderly or socially fragile audiences, in the aim to favor their autonomy and promoting inclusion.

We regularly recruit management profiles such as Managing Director, Managing Director, the headquarters and establishment functions.

We are also called upon to take on new functions such as: Development director, General manager of a group of establishments, Division director or Partnership manager.

We support managers who are aware of the limits of traditional management and are more and more likely to want to change their managerial practices, by recruiting more innovative profiles.

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