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PIIRH evaluates candidates under simulated job conditions.

Evaluation and Assessment

Our assessment method

Our assessment method is an extremely helpful tool in the hiring process. The method consists of placing candidates in a realistic scenario that simulates the job’s conditions in order to evaluate their behavior and see how they would respond to different issues.

Benefits of conducting an assessment:

  • Develop detailed understanding of candidates’ abilities.

  • Gain insight into candidates’ long-term career potential at the company.

  • Identify areas where training would be required.

  • Detect potential trouble spots.

  • Collect objective information to use in the hiring decision.


Analyze the work environment 
Conduct an in-depth analysis of work environment factors including the team members, the company, the sector and the context of the assessment together with the client. 

Define the position 
Define the position to be filled and the ideal candidate profile, taking into account the context of the hire.

Assess candidates 
During a personal interview, determine whether or not each candidate possesses the technical skills required by the position.

This assessment is complemented by other specific evaluations, such as personality tests and case studies.

Present recommendations to the client 
Present recommendations to the client along with an overview of the interview findings.

Track candidate’s success in the position 
Track the candidate who was hired over time.

At PIIRH executive Search, we develop specific hiring processes at our initial meeting with the client. These custom processes are what distinguish us from other firms and enable us to guarantee
top quality results.



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