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The fundamental values inherent to corporate responsibility form the basis for PIIRH’s work. The company acts with integrity by strictly adhering to laws and standards.


Environmental protection

Since 2012, PIIRH Executive Search has made sustainable development a priority when choosing paper suppliers and printers. We contract with paper manufacturers who guarantee their forest resources are responsibly managed.

In the interest of limiting paper and ink cartridge consumption, PIIRH Executive Search specifically chooses printers that allow for double-sided printing and use long-lasting cartridges.

Along these same lines, we have always set up our printers to print grayscale by default and we only print in color when it is absolutely necessary. Additionally, all our emails include a message with a logo asking the recipient to consider the environment before printing. Lastly, our suppliers, who we selected based on their CSR performance, also manage all of the cartridge and toner collection and recycling for our company. All coffee maker accessories and other waste, including disposable cups and plastic bottles, are sorted in preparation for recycling.


All of our electric appliances, including printers, computers, coffee makers and lights, are always switched off when the office closes. This environmentally responsible practice helps to reduce our electricity consumption.


Reducing CO2 emissions from cars is just one way in which PIIRH Executive Search prioritizes environmentally friendly practices. When our employees have meetings outside the office, they use public transportation whenever possible.

Our company is dedicated to constantly seeking new ways to reduce its environmental impact and its carbon footprint in particular. Some examples of this include using teleconferencing to conduct initial interviews with candidates who live outside of France and encouraging our employees to take the train and other forms of public transportation.

Social and ethical policies

Employee satisfaction

PIIRH Executive Search is founded on socially responsible values that foster our employees’ personal and professional growth.

  • We value our employees’ skills and we help them to develop their potential by investing in their training and professional growth. We offer each of our employees training opportunities to help them to develop professionally.

  • We demonstrate our respect for our employees’ basic rights by providing working conditions that ensure their security and well-being in the workplace.

Equal opportunity and non-discrimination

Because recruitment is at the heart of our work, we pay special attention to preventing discrimination and fostering diversity in our own company.
We work hard to prevent discrimination in all its forms, whether on the basis of age, sex, disability or physical appearance, and we apply this principle in all of our human resources work and in our company as well. We take special care to integrate these efforts into our candidate hiring, training and professional development processes. For example, on the job application form that we send out to all candidates who apply through our website, there are no questions regarding gender or nationality and candidates are not required to provide their date of birth.
In an effort to further strengthen our non-discrimination and equal opportunity practices, we plan to sign the French Diversity Charter.
Signing this charter will demonstrate our commitment to promoting diversity and practicing non-discrimination in our hiring process.

Raising awareness

Raising Employee Awareness
In order to increase employee awareness regarding environmental issues, we have provided each employee with an Environmental Responsibility Charter that encourages them to adopt environmentally friendly practices in the workplace.

Raising Business Partner Awareness
We include a message with a logo in every email asking the recipient to consider the environment before printing.
All employees, whether they work for PIIRH Executive Search or one of our clients, are informed of our social and environmental responsibility policies.

These are some examples of how PIIRH Executive Search upholds the fundamental values of corporate responsibility in its work and acts with integrity by strictly adhering to laws and standards.




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