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When it comes to direct recruitment, PIIRH is the expert.


While recruitment is not a science, it does demand a high level of precision. Just as there is a perfect number in geometry - pi - there is a perfect candidate for your position. PIIRH Executive Search is here to help you find that perfect match.

  • Performance : Our consultants are experts in the business.
  • Innovation : Our recruitment process is founded on creativity.
  • Integrity : Our staff is driven by our core values.

This is our formula for excellence in consulting.

PIIRH Executive Search is the product of a five-year development process conducted by PIIRH Health and Life Sciences, a firm with 30 years of experience in direct recruitment consulting.

PIIRH Executive Search is staffed by specialists with a proven track record in the direct recruitment of managers, experts, leaders and high-potential employees. We also have expertise in assessing candidates who are making a change in their career.

In order to provide the best possible service to candidates and companies alike, PIIRH Executive Search is divided into business units staffed by consultants and recruitment specialists with expertise in specific industries :

PIIRH Health and Life Sciences

PIIRH – Industry

PIIRH – Legal, Tax and HR



Tax & Human Resources


PIIRH Health and Life Sciences


PIIRH Industry

Industrial sectors


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