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PIIRH recruits qualified professionals who are the right fit for the changing manufacturing sector.


The European manufacturing sector is undergoing a profound transformation. Foreign competition, the outsourcing of certain manufacturing jobs to the service sector and changing demand patterns, which are primarily caused by increased productivity in different economic sectors, have all significantly impacted the manufacturing sector’s performance. Currently it shows signs of stabilizing. Our goal at PIIRH Executive Search is to help manufacturing companies by recruiting the brightest talents, tomorrow’s leaders in the manufacturing sector and other related sectors. Our expertise lies in recruiting candidates who can quickly assess the sector’s current conditions and build on companies’ strengths.

Sectors: aeronautics, the railway industry, the agri-food industry, energy and the chemical industry.

Recruiting for R&D and ENGINGEERING

PIIRH Executive Search recruits professionals with experience in R&D, research and project engineering who can help companies adapt and meet performance targets in research centers and design engineering departments. We recruit candidates for the following positions, including:

  • Management: R&D director, technical director, project director and program director.

  • R&D and Design Engineering: head of design engineering, design manager, R&D engineer, technical expert and process engineer.

  • Project Engineering: project manager, program manager, project engineer and head of economic development.

PIIRH Executive Search Manufacturing recruits professionals with experience in manufacturing operations work for small and large production runs. We recruit candidates for the following positions:

  • Management: manufacturing director, director of operations, plant director, plant manager, production director and technical director.

  • Production and Technical Services: production director, Autonomous Production Unit manager, methods manager, manufacturing projects manager, technical director and maintenance and new work manager.

  • Quality and Continuous Improvement: director of quality, QHSE director, lean manufacturing and continuous improvement manager, World Class Manufacturing manager, sustainable development manager, quality engineer (in coordination with operations, customers and suppliers).

PIIRH Executive Search works with clients to expand their teams and recruit experienced professionals for the following positions:

  • Management: purchasing director, supply chain director and director of logistics.

  • Supply Chain and Logistics: procurement officer, head of planning, sales forecast manager, logistics distribution manager, head of S&OP, head of supply chain, logistics engineer and logistics and supply chain project manager.

  • Purchasing: head of purchasing, raw materials purchaser, ingredients purchaser, services purchaser, IT manager, head of administrative expenses, head of intellectual services, international purchasing coordinator, purchasing project manager, purchasing and cost reduction consultant and project purchaser.


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